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An Evening of Abnormal Eating, Pretend Drinking and Smelling Wee

This venue has step-free access.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Oh Me Oh My, West Africa House, 25 Water Street,
Liverpool L2 0RG
Sold Out!
What is the secret to being thin and healthy? Can you get drunk even when you’re not drinking alcohol? And what kind of information can our urine give us? These seemingly random questions are brought together in a harmonious evening of curiosity and answered by three top scientists from the University of Liverpool.
We will take you on a journey from the psychology of what goes in to our bodies to the health implications of what comes out. The evening will give you the chance to meet our experts and gently probe them, all whilst becoming intoxicated (alcohol optional)!

Abnormal eating: The secret to being thin and healthy

Dr Eric Robinson (Reader in Psychology, University of Liverpool)
If you conform to the decisions, choices and ways that most people think about food then you might fit in, but both your health and waist line will suffer. Instead, to live longer and healthier lives, Eric believes that we need to radically change our mindset and start behaving more ‘abnormally’.
This tour of the scientific study of psychology, food and body weight will reveal key insights into why behaving ‘normally’ just isn’t compatible with leading a healthy life and in what ways we need to start behaving ‘abnormally’ in order to have a healthy body weight and live longer.

I have drunk therefore I am - Intoxication without alcohol

Dr Paul Christiansen (Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
We are all familiar with the effect that alcohol has on us, but how much of it is in the mind? Learn about how placebo effects influence us in everyday life from energy free energy drinks to living a long life, and of course how they underpin some “Medicines” (*cough* homeopathy *cough*).
We will then look at how placebo effects are influencing everyone in the room, and the extent to which believing you have consumed alcohol can make you dizzy and impair your thoughts. Maybe this talk will show you how to cut your alcohol consumption without stopping drinking!

UR-INe Trouble: A history of urine in health & disease

Dr Elinor Chapman (Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Liverpool)
I'm not taking the p*ss when I say that urine has been used in diagnosis of medical conditions since the medieval ages. Find out how a natural body waste can actually hold lots of valuable information - some might even call it liquid gold. From diabetes, pregnancy tests, the famous Asparagus-wee smell, Black Bone Disease and dogs sniffing out cancer.
An overview of urine from life’s first cry to final breath, explaining the smell and colour of urine and promising to bring people right up-to-date with some of the recent and current research occurring at the University of Liverpool.
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