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An Evening of Art and Science

Past event - 2016
26 May 7pm - 10pm
Number 90 , 90 Wallis Road, Hackney Wick,
London E9 5LN
An evening exploring the Art-Science collaborations developed in this Creative Reactions series.

Featuring an introduction to the relationship of Art and Science by Dr. Chiara Ambrosio (Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science at UCL) and a documentary video of the lifespan of the collaborations, the evening will allow guests to get chatting with the artists and scientists themselves to learn about the journey of cross-discipline collaboration.

Creative Reactions as Creative Dissent: The Why and How of Art and Science

Dr. Chiara Ambrosio (University College London)
In a time of interdisciplinary collaborations, the idea that art and science should be working side by side is considered as the ultimate form of ‘cutting edge’ research. But, what does art have to do with science? And what does science have to do with art? Connecting the Creative Reactions exhibition to historical examples of art-science collaborations, this talk will reflect on the new kind of knowledge that emerges from the interaction of artists and scientists.
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