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An evening with an astronaut

This venue is fully accessible and has step-free access.
Concessions available for children, students (please bring student ID), over 60s and those with registered disability
Past event - 2018
12 Jul Doors 19:00
Event 19:30 to 21:30
Greenwood Theatre 55 Weston Street,
London SE1 3RA
Ever wondered what it's like to go into space? Find out with one of the most experienced astronauts, Michael Foale. If you want to buy concessionary tickets only please choose the quantity on this page, go to checkout and then remove the standard priced ticket - sorry for the inconvenience!

Does space flight accelerate muscle ageing?

Professor Steve Harridge (Director of the Centre of Human and Applied Physiological Sciences (CHAPS) at King's College London)
Steve's research interests are in human skeletal muscle function and plasticity, particularly with regard to ageing. He will talk about how space travel can affect muscle and how this may, or may not, reflect an accelerated ageing process.

Student experiments on the International Space Station

Dr Julie Keeble (Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology, Centre for Human & Applied Physiological Sciences at King's College London and Chief Scientist at ISSET)
Julie prepares student experiments for launch to the International Space Station, taking a winning idea to an experiment that is workable within the microgravity environment of Space. Since 2014, Julie has overseen the launch of 22 experiments to the ISS, with several more in the pipeline.