Other London events

An evening with Michael Foale

This venue is fully accessible and has step-free access.
Concessions available for children, students (please bring student ID), over 60s and those with registered disability
Past event - 2015
15 Jul Doors open 7.30pm
Event 8pm-10pm
Greenwood Theatre, 55 Weston Street,
London SE1 3RA
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Live video conference withthe International Space Station

Scott Kelly
Commander Scott Kelly is spending one year in space on the International Space Station. He and Russian astronaut Mikhail Korniyenko have been there since 27 March 2015 and the goal of the year-long expedition aboard the orbiting laboratory is to understand better how the human body reacts and adapts to the harsh environment of space. If all goes to plan we hope to have a live video conference with Scott. Join us for this exciting event!

Pushing the human body to its limit

Dr David A. Green
Dave researches human physiology with the view to develop and validate interventions that can support, preserve or improve human performance in health and disease, and in hostile environments, on Earth and in Space. He is the coordinator of the Aerospace & Extreme Environment Adaptation Group within the Centre of Human and Aerospace Physiological Sciences (CHAPS) at King's College London and is leading development of the Gravity Loading Skinsuit which will be tested on the International Space Station by Danish Astronaut Andreas Morgensen in September.
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