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Artificial Art

This event is accessible via a stairlift, and has accessible bathroom facilities. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2023
22 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30 to 9:30pm
Old Bell Inn, 233-235 Causewayside,
Edinburgh EH9 1PH
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Could you tell the difference between human and AI generated art?

AI technology has advanced dramatically in recent years developing its ability to imitate anything from poetry and academic essays to painting art works. This advancement is exciting but raises questions about the meaning of and future of art.

Join us to learn about the processes behind how AI can generate such realistic outputs and discuss how this technology will shape art and how audiences interact with it as we celebrate 60 years of computers science and AI research at the University of Edinburgh.

Art and AI: Behind the Curtain

Dr Adam Lopez (Researcher in Natural Language Processing)
Artificial intelligence is all over the news today, especially in the arts. You can go online and chat with AI systems that are eerily good at drawing pictures, writing poetry, or composing songs. How has artificial intelligence suddenly become so good at something so often associated with human intelligence? The goal of this talk is to demystify these systems by explaining the simple ideas behind them, and invite you to think about what they really mean.

AI: Another end of art?

Dr Ian Rothwell (Lecturer in Contemporary Art History and Digital Culture)
In an essay titled ‘The End of Painting’ (1981), the art critic Douglas Crimp wrote of a new critical attitude amongst artists, who were asking: ‘What makes it possible to see a painting? What makes it possible to see a painting as a painting? And, to what end is painting under such conditions of its presentation?’
These questions need to be asked again, in our new context of AI generated art and painting. In doing so, this session will reflect on the nature of AI as an artistic medium and if this constitutes another end of painting.


This event will feature an exhibition of artwork by Pinch (they/them). Pinch is a fine artist based in Norwich, known primarily for specializing in the unique beauty of cityscapes, from bustling streets to historic buildings. Pinch's latest work in progress explores the space between anxiety and reality. Through their paintings, they ground themselves in the physical world and create a sense of order out of the chaos in their mind. The importance of mental health is a central theme in Pinch's work. They aim to raise awareness of the struggles that many face and the therapeutic power of art.
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