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Baby footballers & cellular warfare

Please note this event takes place on the first floor and has no stop-free access.
Past event - 2017
15 May Doors 6:30pm. Event 7:00-9:30pm
Hollywood Arms 45 Hollywood Rd,
London SW10 9HX
Advances in biomedical engineering are revolutionizing and personalizing medical treatments, making the future of healthcare closer than we think. Our experts Dr Nowlan and Professor Moore will show us how their research can help safeguarding the health of a baby in his mother’s womb and heal our lymphatic system with the most advanced medical devices and techniques.  

Baby kicks: fetal movements build healthy bones

Dr Niamh Nowlan (Senior Lecturer in Bioengineering)
Babies’ movements in the womb are essential for healthy formation of the bones and spine. When a baby cannot move normally in the womb, the growth and development of the skeleton can be seriously compromised, ultimately affecting health in childhood and in adult life. Dr Nowlan will discuss the importance of fetal kicks for the development of the bones and spine, describing how conditions such as dislocated hip joints and scoliosis can result from reduced movements in the womb, and what we may be able to do to prevent these conditions. Check out Dr Nowlan's promo video here: goo.gl/hOuoWi

The lymphatic system sucks, and keeps us healthy

Professor James Moore (Bagrit & RAEng Chair in Medical Device Design)
The lymphatic system is a fundamental part of our immune system and plays a key role in the drainage of excessive liquids from body tissues. For some cancer patients, lymph nodes are removed to avoid cancer spreading. This can lead to lymphedema: an excessive fluid accumulation in the body tissues. Professor Moore will share his pioneering experience in lymphedema treatment. Beginning with deeper understanding of the lymphatic system, his research is now progressing to the development of a medical device to treat lymphedema. Check out Professor Moore's promo video here: goo.gl/XYaJ34

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45 Hollywood Rd, London, SW10 9HX 45 Hollywood Rd, London, SW10 9HX
45 Hollywood Rd, London, SW10 9HX 45 Hollywood Rd, London, SW10 9HX