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Beating the Bugs: from the Ebola outbreak to superbugs

This event is fully accessible and has step-free access. Under 18s allowed.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors7pm
@home, 5 Bridge St,
Salisbury SP1 2ND
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Infectious diseases continue to pose a threat to our health. New challenges arise with outbreaks crossing borders and bugs becoming resistant to the drugs that we use to treat them. In this event we will cover some of the work that is done at Public Health England to beat the bugs: from outbreak preparedness and response to the fight against antibiotic resistance.

The Antibiotic Time Bomb

Dr Lucy Bock (Senior Scientist)
We have all heard that antibiotic resistance is increasing, with “incurable superbugs” regularly making the headlines. But how did we get to this point? Why is it a problem? and what can be done about this? Learn more about the challenges that antibiotic resistance poses to clinicians, scientists and society and the approaches to preserve antibiotics for the future.

PHE’s response to Ebola and emerging threats!

Professor Miles Carroll (Deputy Director Research & Development Institute, National Infection Service, PHE)
Yearly, millions die due to infectious diseases around the world. Bugs do not recognise international borders, therefore PHE has been supporting the fight against major diseases all over in the world, such as the west African Ebola virus outbreak that claimed over 11 000 lives and cost international economies >£10 billion. Find out more about infectious disease research at PHE, which ensures our ability to identify and respond to infectious disease outbreaks.