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Bending perceptions: how the really tiny affects the everyday

This event has step-free access and accessible facilities
Past event - 2023
22 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9:30pm
The Elm, 206 North End Road,
London W14 9NX
Sold Out!
In this mix-up of quantum science and biomaterial engineering, join us to investigate the mind-bending world of the really small, and how we're learning to utilise it. We will explore how living things look and behave on the smallest scales, as well as the peculiar building blocks of matter itself, to answer how the really tiny affects the everyday.

Playing billiards at the quantum pub

Katherine Holmes (PhD student in Mathematics at Imperial College London )
Welcome to the quantum pub! There is a billiards table in the back… though it seems to be acting a little funny tonight. This talk is all about the billiard model: a physical model that we find both in pubs and, on a quantum scale, in many modern technologies. Together, with the help of computer simulations, we will figure out the differences between “normal” billiards and quantum billiards, leading us to a better understanding of our quantum world.

Materials at the nano scale: Can we get inspired by nature to create cool stuff?

Dr Eleonora D'Elia (Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Materials, Imperial College London)
Nature is inherently cool. Birds sporting head-turning plumage, gorgeously iridescent seashells, geckos climbing on anything as if the rules of physics don’t apply to them. They’ve had a several million-year head start on us. Can we learn from them? Which secrets do they hide in their tiny nanoscale structures? In this fun, colourful talk, we will explore what materials scientists have synthesised by looking at nature and stealing all of its secrets. Come along to this lively chat armed with the curiosity of a cat, graciousness of a humpback whale and the thirst of an elephant.
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