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Beyond binary: navigating the spectrum of gender

This venue is fully accessible throughout. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Wiper and True, Unit 11, City Business Park, Easton Road,
Bristol BS5 0SP
This evening will challenge current gender stereotypes existing in the past and present. We travel from 1st Millennium BC Italy to communities in Amazonia, to our own communities here in Bristol and we will show how the distance inherent to the past or to far away populations can help us raise awareness and discuss complex issues to inform better policies in the present.

Rainforest glamour: fashion, gender and the subversion of desire in Amazonia and beyond

Dr Camilla Morelli (Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology)
Young women in Amazonia are turning to fashion as a space to reclaim and proudly exhibit their cultural heritage. The glamorous display of beautiful Amazonian designs becomes an act of political resistance against the misogyny and discrimination that women have been historically subjected to in the region.

These young women’s stories open up a broader conversation on how ideas of gender, desire, and beauty are always constructed within social and economic structures that shape people’s perception. But once recognised as culturally constructed, these ideas can also be called into question and radically subverted.

Warriors and weavers: Challenging gender stereotypes in 1st Millennium BC Italy

Ass. Prof. Dr Francesca Fulminante (Senior Research Fellow / Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Bristol)
By illustrating and analysing objects deposited with human remains in burials of Pre-Roman Italy during the 1st Millennium BC, Warriors and Weavers examines gender and intersectionality, demonstrating a more nuanced and ambiguous spectrum of identities than the previous predominantly binary view.

Speaker bio: After a PhD from Cambridge University and post-doctoral positions at excellent Universities and Institutes across Europe, Francesca Fulminante is now Senior Researcher and Lecturer both in the UK and Italy. Her research investigates, through interdisciplinary approaches, Mediterranean urbanization during the first Millennium BCE with a focus on central Italy and interest in varied topics ranging from settlement distribution and social hierarchy to transportation systems networks and also to gender and infancy studies.

Unveiling the Nexus: Understanding how stigma affects HIV in sexual and gender minority populations

Saher Khan (Postgraduate Researcher - Bristol Medical School)
This talk explores the impact of prejudice and discrimination on the LGBTQ+ community and its correlation with HIV transmission. It delves into the influence of internal, interpersonal, and societal stigma on HIV spread within LGBTQ+ communities, examining its contribution to HIV rates and behaviors. The aim is to highlight the complexity of stigma and its implications for HIV prevention and treatment efforts.
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