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The Problems and Potentials

Please note that this event takes place on the first floor, which has no step-free access. The venue has an accessible toilet downstairs. over 18s only
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9:30pm
Beeston Social, 2 Station Rd, Beeston,
Nottingham NG9 2WJ
For the third instalment of talks about Planet Earth we will be joined by Prof David Grant (UoN), Anna Maka (UofN) and Yarely Aguilar Perez (Senior Fuel Poverty Officer at the Midlands Net Zero Hub)! 

Please note that this session will be held on the first floor of Beeston Social which is not wheelchair accessible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Solid State Hydrogen Storage

David Grant (Professor of Materials Science)
When we think of Hydrogen storage we often think about how to compress it as a gas or liquify it. Both options have challenges. An alternative method is to store hydrogen in material by a reversible chemical reaction. This means we can store the same amount of hydrogen in much less space than liquifying it or compressing and store it at room temperature and at low pressures. This talk will cover solid state stores and discuss their advantage and disadvantages with examples. It will also show how we can use the hydrogen storage materials properties to do other things such as heat scavenging and cooling.

How to navigate overheating in Summer

Yarely Aguilar Perez (Senior Fuel Poverty Officer at the Midlands Net Zero Hub)
Get ready for Summer and learn low-cost strategies to keep you cool during heat waves based on easy-to-understand Building Physics and Thermal Comfort strategies.

From climate knowledge to climate action - bridging the science-policy divide

Chris Sims (Deputy Director, Institute for Policy and Engagement)
Engaging policy makers with research evidence can be challenging at the best of times, but particularly when dealing with a problem as wicked as climate change and decarbonisation. This talk will explore some of the obstacles in the way of scientists who seek to ‘speak truth to power’, and how the higher education sector (and the University of Nottingham in particular) is seeking to bridge the gap. It will also offer participants the chance to reflect on how they can best engage in the policy dialogues that will shape the future of our planet.

Future Green Aircraft

Fengyu Zhang (Senior Research Fellow)
Amongst the various transportation sectors, aerospace, a pillar of the UK`s economy, is amongst the most difficult to be decarbonise.

In the journey towards Net Zero, the most promising way to attain this is through electrification, in particular for medium/long-range aircraft which emit the highest amount of carbon emissions. Currently it is not possible for us to fly from London to New York sustainably, because the electric propulsion systems are too heavy to be on board.

This talk will discuss the advanced technologies to enable future greener aircraft.
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