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Beyond the Known: From the Paranormal to Mind Reading

This event takes place on the ground floor. Please note that there is a small step up to the venue and facilities are accessed via a narrow corridor. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 7:00pm
event starts at 7:30pm and finishes at 9:30pm.
Steel Coulson Southside, 114 Causewayside, Newington,
Edinburgh EH9 1PU
Sold Out!
Unveil the mysteries of the mind! Join Dr. Caroline Watt as she explores the scientific work of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit, bridging the gap between alleged supernatural experiences and science. Then, delve into the world of "mind reading machines" as Dr. Dan Mirman will reveal the latest breakthroughs and debunk myths in brain imaging. The night promises a fascinating journey into the unknown!

Neuroscientists and their amazing mindreading machines!

Dr Dan Mirman (Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Language)
The last 30 years have seen big steps forward in “neuroimaging” techniques for measuring brain structure and activity. At the same time, computer power has increased exponentially and advanced statistical techniques for analysing neuroimaging data bring us ever closer to “decoding”, or reading, what the brain is doing. This talk will describe some intriguing successes of this kind of mindreading and how to spot exaggerated claims that are not possible (yet).

From Séance to Science: The Work of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit

Professor Caroline Watt (Professor of Parasychology )
What is the point of studying paranormal claims? In this presentation, Professor Caroline Watt gives a whistlestop tour of the work of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit, ranging from field-work investigating the Indian Rope Trick, to controlled laboratory tests of hypothesised extrasensory perception. Along the way she reveals the sometimes surprising scientific lessons that are learned through investigating allegedly paranormal phenomena.
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