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Bioenergy: Solutions Before Chaos

Past event - 2017
17 May DOORS 7 PM
EVENT 7:30 - 9:30 PM
The Brunswick 82 North Street,
Mabgate LS2 7PN
Sold Out!
Bioenergy is one of the renewable energies to smooth climate change and avoid 2 degrees C increase levels set in the Paris Agreement. Generating electricity and heat with a low environmental impact is essential, but more need to be cover. Bioenergy surges as the only non-fossil alternative to directly decrease green-house emissions as well as provide energy in the developing countries. These two talks cover the mentioned aspects, just the top of the iceberg. Please note there are stairs up to the venue so it may not be accessible for people with impaired mobility.  

It's the CO2, stupid!

Dr. Douglas Barnes (Senior Chemist at C-Capture Ltd)
Separating CO2 from other gases is hard; it costs a lot, needs loads of energy and relies on some pretty toxic chemicals. Add to this the fact that the basic principles have not changed much in decades and it is clear that this is a technology ripe for innovation. As we move to decarbonise our economy to mitigate climate change, a whole suite of new methods are being developed for a wide range of applications from biogas upgrading to industrial scale carbon capture and storage (CCS). What are these technologies? How are they better? What challenges remain before they can adopted more widely?

Energy Gardens

Professor Jon Lovett (Chair in Global Challenges)
Biofuels are controversial and have raised concerns about land grabbing and loss of rainforests. But they also provide opportunities for overcoming energy poverty for small-scale farmers. Local varieties of oil seed plants can be grown on the edges of fields or as shade crops to provide fuel for irrigation engines and other local uses. New technologies and innovative ideas are opening the possibility to grow and process biofuels, or combine sanitation with energy production. Cleaner burning reduces indoor air pollution and improves efficiency so less fuel is needed and health is improved.