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Biological invaders: their conquest has already begun!

This event takes place on the first floor, sorry there is no step-free access. Snacks and fantastic pizzas can be ordered at the venue.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
event 7:30-9:30pm
The Devereux, 20 Devereux Ct, Temple,
London WC2R 3JJ
Aliens are among us – invasive species, that is! How do they work, are they a threat to our ecosystems, and what do they teach us about ourselves? Brace yourselves, for the truth is out there…

Invasive species flex their mussels

Dr. Josh Brian (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Geography)
Freshwater mussels are often overlooked, but they play a vital role in keeping rivers, lakes and streams healthy all around the world. However, these mussels are threatened by invaders: non-native species that arrive from elsewhere. In this talk, I will talk about one particular (and infrequently considered) way in which invasive species disrupt native ecosystems: through their influence on host-parasite networks. 

To be or not to be: a plant's guide to invasion

Dr. Maria Ángeles Pérez-Navarro (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Geography)
What determines the success of alien species in introduced ranges is a key question for environmental management that remains unresolved. In this talk I look at whether being similar or different to native species helps new plants become established, as well as their tradeoffs. I also explain how dissimilarities interact at different scales which influences the success of the invasion, allowing us to predict the invasion potential of alien species.

Aliens, invaders, and border anxiety

Professor Philip Hubbard (Professor of Urban Studies, Department of Geography )
Invasion anxiety in Kent has often extended to encompass the non-human, with questions of biosecurity evident in episodes of boundary-making that seek to distinguish between native and alien. In this talk I argue that attempts to discriminate valued 'native' life and polluting 'alien' life contributed to the border anxieties that informed the Brexit vote. I will draw on three recent instances of border anxiety: the Colorado Beetle in the 1970s, the threat of rabid rats in the 1980-90s, and the cultivation of non-native oysters in the 2000s.

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