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Brains, Babes and Booming Hearts

This venue has step free access and accessible toilets.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 7.00 pm
Event runs from 7.30-9.30 pm.
Moseley Hive, 93A Alcester Road,
Birmingham B13 8JP
In our second Beautiful Mind-themed night, join us as we learn about brain rhythms, the connection between our brain and our heart and ask the question - are babies conscious?

What brain rhythms can reveal about our resiliencies and vulnerabilities

Ali Mazaheri (Associate Professor)
I'll discuss how a patient's brain activity before surgery can forecast their pain levels and risk of dementia afterward. By studying certain mental profiles and brain patterns, we can predict if a patient might develop chronic pain or dementia post-surgery.

Are babies conscious?

Andy Bremner (Professor of Developmental Psychology)
Henry Taylor (Associate Professor)
There's a clue in the name. The word “infant” is derived from the Latin in fans (without speech). Human babies cannot report their experiences and are uncooperative (to say the least) when it comes to experimental task instructions. For these reasons, it has been difficult to establish when babies become conscious. In this talk we will outline some of the recent approaches which have been taken to this crucial question and say what we think they have demonstrated. One recent approach inspired by philosophical analysis of the nature of consciousness, has been to suggest that we can identify the origins of consciousness by searching in infants for clusters of neural markers of conscious awareness previously observed in adults. On this basis, some have argued that humans are consciously aware at the end of the third trimester of gestation (just before birth). As a developmental psychologist (Andy) and a philosopher of mind (Henry) we will talk about how interdisciplinary collaborations should be and are at the heart of tackling this fascinating question.

Heartfelt Narratives: The Surprising Connection Between Your Brain and Heart When Listening to Stories

Holly Gedling (PhD Researcher)
Did you know that the stories you hear can affect the rhythm of your heart? Surprisingly, when different people listen to the same story, their heart rate changes synchronise – their heart rates rise and fall in harmony during the story.

Join us as we explore the science behind this phenomenon and how it could help to diagnose someone’s level of consciousness after a severe brain injury. Come uncover this fascinating connection between your heart, stories, and consciousness.
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