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Britain's Busy Bugs

Please note, this venue is 18+ only after 9pm and there is internal lift access to all bar areas.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30-9:30pm
The Bath Cider House, 7 Bladud Buildings,
Bath BA1 5LS
Sold Out!
It would be easy to dismiss your own back garden as home only to some grass, a select few bushes and perhaps the odd rabbit, but in fact a closer look reveals a much richer ecosystem than you might expect. In tonight’s talks we will hear from two bug experts that may encourage you to take a different view of the mini wildlife that makes your garden their home.

Secret ecology: weird fungi and their mini-beetle residents

Dr Glenda Orledge (Entomologist, University of Bath)
Focussing on Great Britain and Ireland, this talk will introduce you to amazingly beautiful fungi that grow on trees and dead wood, and the family of small beetles that makes these fungi its home. It is a tale of commonness and rarity, fussy eaters and the remarkable spread of a hitch-hiking beetle from Australasia.

Centipedes: The overlooked predators in your garden

Harriet Jameson (1st Year PhD Student, University of Bath)
Centipedes are well known due to their possession of supposedly 100 legs, but there is a lot more to a centipede than meets the eye. Centipedes are specialised for hunting, with super-fast legs, a flattened body and two venom glands, there isn’t much in the world of bugs that can escape a centipede. This talk will be exploring the world in which centipedes live, and how they have become adapted to be such good predators. There will be particular focus on British centipedes and the exciting diversity of venom that can be found on our doorsteps.
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