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Building (Dys)Utopia: Urban dreams in the dust?

This event takes place on the first floor, sorry there is no step-free access. Snacks and fantastic pizzas can be ordered at the venue.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open at 7pm. Event 7:30pm - 9:00pm.
The Devereux, 20 Devereux Court, Temple,
London WC2R 3JJ
Sold Out!
How do cities rise and crumble? Is it through planned pioneering, creative destruction, or colonial theft? Our speakers will leave no brick left unturned, unearthing the different forces transforming cities, as we explore how people are marginalised and push back to remake their urban futures. 

How (not) to build a capital city from scratch

Umar Al Faruq (PhD Candidate, Department of Geography )
Building a city from scratch is easy. These days, countries all over the world are doing it: from Pakistan’s Ravi Riverfront, Nigeria’s Eko Atlantic, to Saudi Arabia and the UAE building their ‘spaceships in the desert’. But how should a country move its capital, let alone build it from scratch? In this talk I explore how Indonesia attempts to do such a thing in building Nusantara amid global processes of urbanisation, historical arcs of national economic development, and local resistance.

Dispossession and Disruption: Carceral Geographies of Infrastructure

Dr Ivana Bevilacqua (Lecturer at Birkbeck University)
How does a city’s infrastructure dilute and cement the violence of capitalist colonialism while also asserting control over Indigenous land? This talk examines the current violence in Palestine, and the escalation of Zionist supremacism through its infrastructure, and sheds light on colonial legacies of capitalist operations. It will also reveal how the very architecture engineered to dispossess Indigenous communities faces increasing challenges from international disruptions.

Playful destruction – the young’uns reshaping their city

Dr Luke Dickens (Senior Lecturer at King's College London)
We know that waste is a by-product of cycles of redevelopment, but it is also experienced as an excessive emotional state by marginalised children and young people. In this talk we will hear about ways that urban young people are speaking back to urban planners through the pleasures of sabotage and playful excess. From feelings of futility and loss, imaginative visions of the future are being shaped.
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