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Cardiff Versus Cancer

Please note this event takes place on the first floor, however there is a lift for step free access.
Past event - 2017
15 May 1915-2130
O'Neills Pub 85-87 St Mary's St,
Cardiff CF10 1DW
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Half of all people in the UK will develop cancer during their lifetime. Here in Cardiff, exciting research is being conducted into combatting this disease. Early detection of cancer is key to increasing survival and the recent success of immunotherapy has revolutionised the way cancer is being treated. We look forward to welcoming you to our Cardiff Versus Cancer evening where you will hear from Cardiff University researchers who are leading the fight with cutting-edge research and novel therapies. This venue is accessible by wheelchair.

Immune Wars

Professor Andrew Godkin (Principle Investigator School of Medicine, Honorary Consultant Physician, Cardiff University)
We have entered an exciting era where cancers can be destroyed using our own immune system. I will talk about novel approaches to treating cancers such as colorectal cancer using "Immunotherapy". Included in this talk, I will present the results from a recent clinical trial we have run in Cardiff.

Why Early Detection is the Key to Curing Cancer

Dr Matt Smalley (Reader, Cardiff University Biosciences)
The myth of the 'magic bullet' which can cure all cancer is exactly that - a myth. Cancer is not one single disease, nor is cancer of a particular tissue or organ one disease. We also now appreciate that tumours obey Darwinian laws of natural selection and evolution in response to selective pressure. The key to successful treatment is to use treatments tailored to specific cancers and to use them early in tumour development, before genetic variation has occurred which may give tumour cells a chance to evolve, escape and develop treatment resistance.

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85-87 St Mary's St, Cardiff, CF10 1DW 85-87 St Mary's St, Cardiff, CF10 1DW
85-87 St Mary's St, Cardiff, CF10 1DW 85-87 St Mary's St, Cardiff, CF10 1DW