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Cells, diseases and… LASERS!

Please note this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.45pm
The Colonel Fawcett, 1 Randolph Street, Camden,
London NW1 0SS
Sold Out!
Our bodies are constantly under threat from invaders, such as bacteria or cancer cells. Find out how tiny parasites and our immune system take each other on, and how cancer cells can corrupt the normal cells in our bodies to help a tumour grow. Discover what Crick scientists are doing to understand these processes, and how lasers are helping them do that.

Cancer & corruption: a story of cancer cells

Emma Nolan (Postdoc)
Did you know that a tumour is not just made up of cancer cells? In fact, a big part of the tumour consists of healthy cells that have been enlisted by the cancer cells to help the cancer to develop and grow. Join Emma to discover how cancer cells corrupt their neighbours to survive in a hostile environment and how Crick scientists are using this knowledge of cancer cell tactics to turn the tables and stop them in their tracks.

Have it your way! How parasites set up home in your cells

Moritz Treeck (Group Leader)
Parasites can invade our cells, getting free room and board but giving nothing in return. In some cases they can even make you sick. Moritz will tell you about the evolutionary ‘arms race’ between some parasites and their human hosts and showcase their extraordinary ability to make your cells their home.

Sorting the good guys from the bad guys

Hefin Rhys (Senior LRS)
Like detectives, biologists are often on the hunt for bad guys. And just like detectives, biologists need forensic tools to gather evidence to charge a suspect. One powerful forensic tool is a technique called flow cytometry. Flow cytometry uses lasers to interrogate tens of thousands of cells per second. Find out from Hefin how bad cells are sorted from the good and why this is vital for research at the Crick.