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Challenges for a changing planet

Past event - 2018
16 May 19:15-21:15 (doors open 18:30)
The George IV 185 Chiswick High Rd,
London W4 2DR
Sold Out!
Enter the anthropocene: a geological epoch defined by the undeniable changes that human activity has caused in the environment, at the scale of the planet as a whole. Tonight's speakers will tackle some of the challenges of managing our impacts now and into the future.

Can experts be trusted with planet earth?

Professor Mark Burgman (Director of the Centre for Environmental Policy and Professor in Risk Analysis & Environmental Policy at Imperial College London)
Environmental decisions depend on judgements when data are scarce, knowledge is incomplete and decisions are imminent. Decision makers rely on expert advice to fill the gaps. Yet, recent evidence suggests that in many circumstances, experts have a poor idea of the limits of their knowledge. This presentation outlines some of these expert frailties, and how to remedy them.

Will your pint cause a drought?

Ms. Claire Hunt (Co-convener of the Water Management study option in the Environmental Technology MSc at Imperial College)
Water shortages are a big issue. The ‘water footprint’, like the ‘carbon footprint’, is used to examine the environmental impacts of products, and persuade individuals and companies to be more sustainable. But what goes into a water footprint – and when does it really matter? We’ll look at these issues, and more, in relation to a product close to our hearts: beer.

Climate change is (not) a joke

Dr. Matt Winning (Comedian and Research Associate at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources)
Matt has managed to combine his two loves of comedy and environmental economics in his third, sold-out solo comedy show called 'Filibuster'. Built as a lecture on climate change, it proved a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, and has received critical acclaim.