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Changing Tropical Marine Ecosystems

Please note that this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access.
Past event - 2017
16 May 1915-2130
The Big Top at 10 Feet Tall, 11A-12 Church St ,
Cardiff CF10 1BG
The biology and chemistry of our marine ecosystems are rapidly changing.  On this night we will discuss why this is the case, before going on to explore the possible methods that could help protect some of our most beautiful ecosystems.

This venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Lionfish: Reef Invaders

Coral reefs are being lost at an alarming rate globally. In this talk, I explain how the invasion of lionfish into the waters of the Western Atlantic has become a primary concern for reefs in this area. I present findings from both in water and lab experiments that further our understanding of lionfish feeding behaviour and its impact on reef ecosystems. Unfortunately, the eradication of these fish is not possible. However, there is a way to control their numbers, and I encourage all of you to become part of the lionfish solution.

Dissolving Rocks to Prevent Climate Change and Ocean Acidification

The weathering of rocks on the Earth’s surface over thousands of years removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, this process helps to lower surface temperatures. This weathering is responsible for creating the enormous ocean carbon sink, and ultimately leads to the formation of limestone rocks.  Could we speed up this same process to prevent climate change? In this talk I will explore some of the ideas that have been put forward, their potential and limitations, and how they might also have the added benefit of curbing ocean acidification.