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Climate Change: Cultural links and societal impact

Past event - 2017
17 May 19:00-21:30
The View, Sports Centre,
Southampton SO16 7AY
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Society changes as a result fo climate change? How will climate change affect our way of living and is there anything more we can do still? Join us to discover projects that tackle climate change with our society in mind, from changing our cultural attitude to climate change to how programmes aiming to promote green living will affect our wellbeing and everyday lives.

Please note that this event is accessible for those with impaired mobility and children are welcome.

Cape Farwell - Art and Science in the Artic

Simon Boxall (Principal Teaching Fellow, Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton)
In 2002 David Buckland (artist and wildlife photographer) got together with Oceanographer Simon Boxall to set up a programme called Cape Farewell. The objective was to look at how the Arctic is the planet’s barometer on climate change and for the debate to be about culture and climate change. Bringing together artists, musicians, comedians, and authors 6 expeditions have taken place to highlight and study the changes that have occurred since that date. The talk will bring together these events with the latest data on the state of the Arctic today.

Liveable Cities - Future UK Cities

Patrick James (Professor of Energy and Buildings)
How will climate change affect our lives? What will it be like to live in world of green energy and low carbon emissions? Liveable Cities is a project in Southampton and across the UK that aims to change the engineering of cities to promote public wellbeing as well as meeting climate change demands.