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Climate chronicles: rainforests, rain and hidden forces

The function room is based on the first floor and this is only accessible via stairs. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm.
Parkside Tavern, St Johns House, Merrion St,
Leeds LS2 8JE
Explore the mysteries of our planet's climate with captivating talks. Ever wondered what came first, the rainforest or rain? Curious about ice-nucleating particles and their impact on climate? Join us for enlightening talks by Dr. Robin Hayward, exploring rainforest’s role in shaping climate, and Polly Foster, shedding light on the influence of ice-nucleating particles. Discover the wonders of Earth's climate and ground-breaking research shaping our understanding. Don't miss this enlightening evening—a journey into nature's hidden complexities!

Trees are making it rain

Dr Robin Hayward (LEAF Communication & Engagement Officer)
What came first, the rainforest or the rain? In a massive and complex cycle of climates creating biodiversity and biological systems influencing the weather, Dr Robin Hayward will explore the science behind rainforests and what the future might hold for the most diverse biome on our planet.

Ice Nucleating Particles - small particles with a big impact.

Polly Foster (PhD student in the Institute of Climate and Atmospheric Science)
Discover the role of ice-nucleating particles in climate dynamics with Polly Foster. In her talk, Polly will share her research using microfluidic technology to measure and identify these tiny but impactful particles. Through lab experiments and field campaigns, including missions aboard a research plane, she'll shed light on their significance in shaping our climate.
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