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Climate: Local Solutions to Global Problems

Past event - 2017
15 May DOORS 7 PM
EVENT 7:30 - 9:30 PM
The Brunswick 82 North Street,
Mabgate LS2 7PN
Sold Out!
Climate change is a global phenomenon; it is often argued that global agreements are the only way to avoid catastrophic climate change scenarios being realised. Uncertainty in science combined with strong political bias can result in confusion, paralysis and inaction, and cause us to feel a bit helpless. Join us for an evening with some optimistic climate scientists, who will argue that whilst climate change is a global problem, climate action is a local solution. Please note there are stairs up to the venue so it may not be accessible for people with impaired mobility.      

The Global Picture

Professor Piers Forster (Professor of Physical Climate Change)
Prof Piers Forster works on modelling the global climate system. Piers will charismatically explain the essentials of climate science, and that whilst our knowledge has vastly improved in recent years, there are still fundamental unknowns of the Earth System.

The Regional Picture

Professor Andy Challinor (Professor of Climate Impacts)
Prof Andy Challinor studies how changes in the global climate system impacts food security regionally. Recently completing a report warning the government about risks to food security of the UK, Andy thinks their response is ‘uncommittal’, but will share some ideas about how we can produce locally resilient food systems.

The Local Picture

Dr Cat Scott (Research fellow)
Dr Cat Scott looks at how particles in the atmosphere interact with the climate, and in turn affect air quality. Cat will scale down from the UK to discuss how the air quality right here in Leeds could well be impacting on our lives!