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Co-Create Gallery (photography, poetry and Documentary showcase)

Please note this event takes place on the rear of the venue on the ground floor. Over 18s only. It is accessible.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 6.20 pm
Event 6.30 - 8.30 pm.
Revolution, 13-14 Baxter Gate, Loughborough ,
Loughborough LE11 1TG
A relaxing but fascinating evening of visual displays from our collaborating scientists and creatives. You will be invited to explore photographs responding to chemical processes, sustainably made jewellery, and much, much more. Come and go as you please, talk to the artists, and feel inspired. 

Cover image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians.

Photography showcase

Bibi Duman (PhD Researcher)
My study aims to understand how the previous circumstances of the textile industry, available materials, and prominent movements are framing present trends in textile-design education in the United Kingdom. I will display a collection of photos from digital showcases of students, which I am analysing.

Graphic design showcase

Dr Mark Platt (Reader in Nanotechnology)
Mehernusia Baig (PhD Researcher in Design and Creative Arts)
Meherunisa is a graphic designer and a current PhD candidate at Loughborough.

Mark is a Reader in Nanotechnology within the Chemistry department of Loughborough University and also acting CTO of a spinout company called Figura Analytics.

Together they have been working on a collaborative project that serves as a creative response to Figura Analytics' hypothetical rebrand, showcasing the significance of effective branding in elevating corporate identity. Through innovative integration of science and design, they emphasize the transformative potential of branding strategies in conveying the importance of liquid analysis technology, Mark's area of expertise. By illustrating the theoretical and practical implications of Mark's methodology, including digitally fingerprinting products and ensuring quality control, Meherunisa's work underscores how strategic branding can elevate brands, enhancing their visibility and impact in the market.

Documentary showcase

Dr Tom Stanton (Research Fellow in Geography)
Josh Wheatley (Musician)
'50 Years of Litter on Skye'
Loughborough musician Josh Wheatley and Loughborough geography academic Tom Stanton connected to score the music for a twenty-minute documentary about Tom's research, filmed by Loughborough University's press team. The documentary will be available to view, and Josh and Tom will discussing their collaboration at the Bridging the Gap Panel event on Tuesday 14th May 2024.

Poetry showcase

Caspar Wort (PhD Researcher in English and Creative Writing)
Dr Katie Coveney (Senior Lecturer in Sociology)
Caspar Wort is a poet. His work covers a wide range of topics, but he has a particular interest in science. He has had work published in Consilience (a journal of sciences and art) and in the Physics edition of Magma Poetry. His MA Dissertation involved writing a series of poems from the perspective of fundamental particles.

Katie Coveney has been working on the 'Living with Noonan Syndrome' project which focuses on the social and emotional impacts of living with disability and chronic illness, from the perspective of those whose lives are affected by this rare and complex genetic condition.

Noonan Syndrome impacts across multiple body systems and processes including cardiac, bone, circulatory, developmental, growth, endocrine, reproductive, neoplastic, neurological, ophthalmic, renal, blood, gastrointestinal and skin. Furthermore, there are a range of other issues that significantly impact on everyday life including behavioural and psychological issues, mobility problems, learning difficulties, sleep problems and mental health issues.

The research explores not only the inequalities, difficulties, challenges, uncertainties, hardships and feelings of isolation and vulnerability families living with Noonan Syndrome face in their daily lives, but also emphasizes those moments of health, stability, strength, belonging, joy, and the networks of care and caring that characterise living with a complex rare genetic condition.

Together they have been working on a poetic response to Katie’s project.
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