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Computers: Science of the Future

Please note we are sorry that this event is on the first floor and unfortunately has no step-free access. It is an over 18s only venue.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10pm
V-Bar, 105 High Street,
Colchester CO1 1TH
Sold Out!
Computers have revolutionised our world and become an integral part of our lives. It has been remarked we are entering into a new age of intelligent machines with sophisticated techniques such as deep learning and artificial intelligence becoming commonplace. This evening will highlight cutting edge research at the University of Essex and discuss what the future of computer science holds in store.

Therapy Generation for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Dr Faiyaz Doctor (Lecturer)
Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease affecting 30 million people worldwide. With the rise of technology, computational methods to safely monitor and manage sufferers are becoming more sophisticated. In this talk, a novel therapy technique which assesses cognitive impairment and emotional well-being of dementia patients in social care settings will be discussed. The system is tailored to match the changing level of impairment and assesses patient’s interactions. It is hoped that the system will enable advanced patient monitoring and therefore more effective assessment of patient care.

Coral Reef Conservation with 3D Technology

Dr Jon Chamberlain (Lecturer)
Corals reefs provide an important habitat for many marine creatures through their "complexity": the numerous branching shapes and forms that allow fish and other species to make a safe home. The latest developments in 3D technology can help us understand this complexity and replicate it. This talk will demonstrate how we reconstruct 3D models of coral reefs using underwater drones, how we measure complexity and how we can reproduce that complexity with 3D printing to boost reef restoration and protect marine ecosystems, both in the UK and abroad.

Enterprise Search: a World beyond Web Search

Professor Udo Kruschwitz (Professor)
Searching for most people means surfing the web. However, in the field of information retrieval, there are many types of searches including website, database and desktop search. Enterprise search, the use of computers to find information within local networks of companies and other organisations, is an area where dramatic technological improvements are being made. It has huge importance for businesses, yet has attracted little academic interest. The talk will explore the advances and challenges of revolutionising enterprise search, referring to web searching as a comparison.
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