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Connecting Technology and Society

Past event - 2018
14 May Doors open 18:30
Event 19:00-22:00
Frankenstein Bar, 26 George IV Bridge,
Edinburgh EH1 1EN
Technology is everywhere today, but have you thought of how yeast, hundreds of millions of years old, can be used with cutting-edge synthetic biotechnology to help us better understand the world? Or how advances in health technology can make vast improvements on the well-being of our society? Come for an evening of talks on how society shapes tech and how tech shapes society. 

Microbes matter: Caring about our smallest collaborators

Dr Erika Szymanski (Research Fellow in Science Technology and Innovation Studies)
What are yeast, and why do they matter? The "synthetic yeast" project is an international synthetic biology effort to build the world’s first complete eukaryotic genome from DNA synthesized and stitched together in a laboratory. The yeast - essentially the same kind of yeast that humans have long used to make bread, beer, and wine - do essential work on the project. Are yeast factories, computers, co-workers? I'll explain why these questions matter and advocate that we care about the lives of our tiniest companions.

Bridging the gap between the NHS and consumer health technology

Dr. Claudia Pagliari (Director of Global eHealth/Senior Lecturer in Primary Care and Informatics)
As the world becomes more and more driven by technology, so too does our healthcare. Digital health data is already thoroughly embedded in how medicine is currently practiced here in the UK, and will only increase. How does the impact the health of the society and what are the concerns of digitising health data? Dr. Claudia Pagliari has an impressive track record in highly interdisciplinary research areas focussing on eHealth and the digital society. She has been involved in the evaluation of emerging innovations that include therapeutic robotics, genetic testing and large-scale health IT.