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Conversations about conservation

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Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6:30PM
Event 7-9PM
The Winchester Gate, 113 Rampart Rd,
Salisbury SP1 1JA
Are you interested in conservation? Do you want to learn more about local initiatives to protect and improve biodiversity? Come and hear about surveying mammals, the efforts to reintroduce the hen harrier in Wiltshire and learn about how lessons from tropical forests can be applied to UK forests.…

How to fix a forest

Hollie Folkard-Tapp (Environmental Scientist)
The term ‘lungs of the earth’ hardly seems sufficient to capture just how vital these ecosystems are to life on our planet. With existing forests under threat on all fronts and governments scrambling to plant new trees in an effort to offset emissions, restoration projects could be the key to achieving climate and biodiversity targets. Imperial College PhD Researcher Hollie Folkard-Tapp will describe cutting-edge research findings from her lab’s study site in Malaysian Borneo, and explore how lessons from the tropics can be applied to forest policy at home in the UK

How to be a mammal scientist

Robyn Owen (Mammal Scientist)
In this talk, Robyn from Wiltshire Mammal Group will show you the many ways to survey mammals to help with their conservation. 1 in 4 species of mammal in England are threatened with extinction but you can help with some easy, and fun, techniques to record them. Robyn will tell you which species you can survey in your garden or local area and how. From making hedgehog tunnels to using the latest mobile apps, Robyn will demonstrate the detective techniques needed to become a mammal conservation scientist.

Harriers and Harnesses - How hard can it be?!

Flemming Ulf-Hansen (Conservation Scientist)
The hen harrier – majestic, agile and arguably deserving a Strictly prize for its mesmerising sky dancing. Once widespread across England, now only breeding in the North, conservationists are using the latest scientific techniques to help the hen harrier recover its formal range. Flemming from the Natural England southern hen harrier reintroduction project will introduce you to ringtails, grey males, the latest satellite technology and guide you through some of the intricacies of species reintroductions to ensure that this seductive species becomes a regular sighting in Wiltshire.

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