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Creative Reactions: Climate & Energy

Please note this venue is on Level 5 of Peckham Levels
Go up the stairs (or take the lift) to level 5, turn right and the doors are straight ahead. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors at 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 10pm
Well Seasoned, Level 5, Peckham Levels, 95A Rye Lane,
London SE15 4ST
In this special event 4 artists (a sound artist, textile artist, poet and visual artist) have been paired with the scientists and met with them to create pieces based on their research. This will be showcased alongside artists and scientists giving their perspective on this experience.

Creative Reactions is the unique art-science branch of Pint of Science. Tonight we bring you an evening about our planet. How do we understand our climate and how can we develop sustainable clean energy solutions? What role can we play and what are the energy materials of the future?
Creative Reactions - Art and Science


Professor Sir Brian Hoskins (Chair of Grantham Institute, Imperial College London)
Professor Sir Brian Hoskins will talk about understanding the motion of the atmosphere and how its weather and climate systems work.

Through dipping into his own areas of interest and research, Brian will share critical insights on current climate thinking and some of the possible effects on our environment. Looking for predictability in a sea of chaos underlies both weather forecasting and ideas of how the climate may change.

You will also hear from and see work by the artists that Brian has been collaborating with.


Professor Magda Titirici (Professor of Sustainable Energy Materials at Imperial College London)
Professor Magda Titirici asks how can we transition to a net-zero green economy? How do we create energy resources from waste materials? And how can these energy resources reinforce the circular economy?

Her research group’s ambition is to recycle bio and plastic waste into advanced materials which are components of future batteries and fuel cells.
Magda will discuss what the sustainable solutions are for the next generation of energy storage and conversion technologies.


Here is a quick intro to the artists involved in tonight's unique event!

Toby Boston: sound artist

Abby Deardorff: textiles

Nina Grace: multimedia

Francis Byrne: Creative Reactions poet-in-residence


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