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Crimson Clues: microscopic art, forensics and platelets

To access the performance space at Belgrave Music Hall, there are 22 steps up. There are 2 accessible toilets within the building, one of which is directly outside event room.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen, 1-1A Cross Belgrave Street,
Leeds LS2 8JP
Step into the captivating world of scientific discovery looking into the fundamental building blocks of the human body in research and real-world application. Explore histopathology's artistry, forensic science's DNA innovations, and bring blood research under the microscope. From inspiring artwork to cutting-edge forensics and life-giving fluid discoveries, join us for intrigue and inspiration.

Histology: the microscopic art gallery

Laura Taylor (Biomedical scientist in Histopathology)
Not many people are fortunate enough to see how wonderful the cells that make up the human body look, but that’s exactly what histology shows us. Histology is the study of how diseases present themselves in tissues, creating a microscopic art gallery of slides behind every diagnosis. In this talk we will discover what happens to a biopsy once it’s been taken, and how we create art with science.

The Power of Platelets

Dr Beth Webb (Post-Doc)
Platelets are important and unique cells of the blood that become sticky and clump together to form blood clots to stop us from bleeding after injury. However, during cardiovascular disease, unwanted clots can form and block blood vessels leading to heart attacks, strokes, and thrombosis. In some cases, these heart attacks and strokes can become fatal so it’s important to understand why and how these platelets become stickier and whether we can do anything to prevent this or treat this.

DNA Detectives: Unravelling the genetic code to catch criminals

Dr Nikki Peake (Genetic Identity Account Manager at Promega UK)
DNA profiling has revolutionised the way we investigate crimes, from identifying perpetrators of crimes, to resolving paternity disputes. Forensic DNA testing is also a powerful tool for proving innocence. According to the National Registry of Exonerations, since 1989, DNA evidence has overturned 570+ wrongful convictions.
Forensic methods have progressed rapidly in the last 2 decades. This talk highlights the history of DNA profiling: from inception, to its widespread use and future directions. A story of scientific innovation and how DNA has solved some of the most unsolvable crimes.
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