Past event - 2016
25 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The College Arms, 18 Store Street,
London WC1E 7DH
Sold Out!
Can we really tell when someone is lying? Hear from Eva Krumhuber about her latest research and how this might contribute to solving crimes. We will also hear from Carolyn Rando about the reality of crime scene investigations and the methods used for thorough crime scene analysis.

During the event there will be a pub quiz and special Pint of Science goodies to be won!

This event will be held in the basement.

Interpreting the Crime Scene

Dr Carolyn Rando (Forensic Anthropologist, UCL Institute of Archaeology)
Crime drama and true-crime stories fascinate us as a culture; in the UK, this has been true for well over 100 years. We love to immerse ourselves in these often gruesome stories, trying to puzzle out the answers and solve the crime. But what actually goes into analysing and interpreting the crime scene? This talk will discuss the extraordinary lengths forensics teams must go to for thorough crime scene analysis, focusing on forensic archaeology and anthropology methods from real case studies, examining death, trauma and decomposition.

How to spot a fake smile?

Dr Eva Krumhuber (Lecturer in Experimental Psychology)
The face has been a focus of popular and scientific interest for centuries. Through its paramount role in communication, it commands our almost continuous attention. However, how good and reliable is the face in conveying emotions and personal feelings? And can we detect its actual truthfulness when spotting deception? In this talk, I will discuss the various meanings and functions of the smile expression and explore more closely the science behind ‘Lie to Me’.