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Dead good: digging and digitising ancient life

Past event - 2016
24 May Doors open: 7pm. Event 7:30-9:30
The English Lounge 64 - 66 High Street, Northern Quarter,
Manchester M4 1EA
Sold Out!
The past can tell us how we came to be like we are today. It contains a huge range of bizarre creatures that are no longer alive and it provides the raw material for movies like Jurassic Park and inspiration for many a mythical beast or alien creature. These two talks will take you from the bare bones of palaeontology to exploring the mechanics of fossil organisms using high performance computers. But most importantly it will explain how we can actually analyse the past scientifically and avoid the guesswork and exaggeration that is all too common.This venue has disabled access.

Robot Dinosaurs from Outer Space: the science behind animating ancient life

The most important source of evidence for ancient life is fossils, studied by geologists for hundred of years. Nowadays other disciplines want to get in on the fun. Bill will concentrate on what we can learn from studying the mechanics of fossil organisms using high performance computers. It will demonstrate the way early humans moved & what this tells us about the origins of modern humans, how fast & how heavy the largest dinosaurs were & how these technologies can find their way into the movie industry.

Digging Dinosaurs in the Dirt!

The excavation of dinosaurs often conjures images of perfect skeletons being gently teased from the sands of time with mere paint brushes, aka ‘Jurassic Park’…but how close is this to reality? Join Phil Manning on his painful journey through the badlands of North America, from mosquitoes that seem to be the size of pigeons to the vast shoulder-wrenching bones that litter a sun-bleached world. This is not Jurassic Park, but Cretaceous jack-hammering fun!