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Delving into dementia

This event takes place on the first floor via stairs, sorry there is no step-free access. Drinks and food can be purchased at the bar downstairs.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7 to 9.30pm
Old Market Tavern, 20-21 Trinity Street,
Cardiff CF10 1BH
Studying the complex brain diseases that cause dementia can be difficult for researchers, but advances in technology are helping scientists rise up to this challenge. At this event you'll hear from dementia researchers using cutting-edge technology to make vital discoveries to improve our understanding of the condition. Above photo credit: Lizzie Glennon.

How can we use a computer to better understand dementia?

Dr Georgina Menzies (Research Fellow, UK Dementia Research Institute, Cardiff University)
Making 3D computer models of proteins and studying how they change for a living is a geek's dream. We can use these computer simulations to help us understand how changes in your genetics can have a knock-on effect in your body and potentially cause a disease to occur. Come and learn how these simulations help us visualise nanoscale differences we wouldn’t be able to see in the lab and how we hope to use them to better understand dementia risk and create new treatment options.

Unpicking risk genes

Dr Adele Pryce-Roberts (WCAT Fellow, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences, Cardiff University)
Once a risk gene for a disease is identified, researchers then set about trying to understand how the gene is altering biological processes to drive towards disease. In her work, Adele uses stem cells to understand APOE4, a known risk gene for Alzheimer's. She will speak about her studies looking at both nerve cells and key support cells and how APOE4 affects the interactions between them.
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