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Dimensions of Dementias

Past event - 2017
11 Oct Doors 18.30
Event 19:00-22:30
Studio Spaces, 110 Pennington street,
London E1W 2BB
Sold Out!
One in 3 people born this year in the UK will develop dementia. Although there is no cure, scientists and researchers are working hard to find one. Supported by Guarantors of Brain, we bring you this event to explore what dementia means to us all in the hope of reducing the stigma and fear around it. Through a combination of art and science, we aim to make this topic accessible to everyone. This event will challenge the traditional definitions and common misconceptions, while providing the most current research advances and understanding of dementia through a multimedia approach.




Created Out of Mind

Created Out of Mind aims to transform the current perceptions of dementias through science and art - exploring what dementia means to us all, challenging traditional definitions and common misconceptions, and stimulating curiosity about the healthy and ageing brain - the ultimate instrument by which all our artistic skills and experiences are gained and lost. Since Oct'16, Created Out of Mind is the second resident of The Hub at the Wellcome Collection, bringing together a rich network of scientists, visual artists, musicians, broadcasters, clinicians, carers and people living with dementia.

Brain in a Dish

Dr Selina Wray (Senior Research Associate)
Selina is an Alzheimer's Research UK Senior Research fellow at UCL Institute of Neurology. Her research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of dementia using patient-derived stem cells to create “disease in a dish” laboratory models. This talk will discuss recent technological advances such as our ability to grow human brain cells in the laboratory, and how these are accelerating our understanding of dementia and improving diagnosis and the development of potential treatments.

Live Painting Through Dementia

Robbie is a London based painter, who’s work has a foundation in expressionism, surrealism and landscape. Robbie is interested in painting as a way of transference and sending a poetic message rather than a confrontation or statement. Yet many themes find their way into painting - it can be a great aid in connecting people and thoughts. He will be making a painting directly inspired by a transcript from someone with dementia, as well as painting live through out the event. The aim of this is to explore different ways the human can interpret written words into images.

Single Yellow Lines

Charlie Harrison (Artist in Residence for Created Out of Mind)
Charlie Harrison's background is in painting, sculpture and installation and his work aims to challenge everyday perceptual, material and social expectations of objects, people and space. His current research is focused on characterising creativity through singular gestures and he is also studying the curious intersections between neuropsychological testing and conceptual art. For the Creative Reactions event, Charlie will be gathering data for his Single Yellow Lines project through an interactive painting activity.

Colour Rooms

Janneke van Leeuwen (Visual Artist in Residence for Created Out of Mind - Neuropsychologist - PhD Researcher)
Janneke van Leeuwen is an artist and neuropsychologist, who is currently one of the Artists in Residence within Created Out of Mind, which aims to challenge perceptions of dementia through scientific and creative experimentation. Alongside the Wellcome residency, she is working on her PhD research at the Dementia Research Centre of UCL Institute of Neurology. For Creative Reactions, Janneke has created an interactive VR installation for her Colour Rooms Experiment, which aims to study how dementia impacts on how colours in different spatial contexts make us feel.

Sculpting Neurochemistry

Charlie Murphy (Artist in Residence for Created Out of Mind)
Charlie is currently co-director of visual arts for Created Out of Mind, and is working alongside Dr Wray for their collaborative project "Brain in a Dish". Charlie's research for ‘Created Out of Mind’ - a two year Wellcome residency - involves a variety of experiments with creative and scientific processes in response to the impacts of different kinds of dementias. Her practice includes working with glass, light, photography, performance and video.