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Designing the brain and robotic intelligence

Please note this venue is accessible from the road but has no accessible toilet. This venue has gender neutral toilets.
Past event - 2017
17 May doors open 6pm
start 7:30pm
end 9:30pm
Good Chemistry Brewing, 2 William St,
Bristol BS2 0RG
Sold Out!
Come join us for a journey into the brain. Can it be adapted so we never have nightmares? How close are we to having robotic brains? Matt and Helmut may just have the answers… See some of our favorite speakers from 2014 and 2016 again. Don't come hungry, there is no kitchen, but do be thirsty and give Bob and Kelly's delicious brews a try! Good Chemistry Brewing is a working brewery in a big drafty warehouse in England in spring - so please dress warmly as it will get chilly. Please note that this event takes place on the ground floor and is accessible for those with impaired mobility.

Laser-guided minds

Fancy visiting your favourite place whenever you like, at the flick of a switch? Got any memories you'd like erasing or adjusting? How about fine-tuning your dreams? Step this way - you won't feel a thing...

Clever Body = Clever Robot

Although promised by roboticists for over 50 years we still don't have sophisticated robots doing our chores. The reason is our world is very complex, dynamic and often unpredictable. On the other hand animals outperform state-of-the-art robots in almost any task. The reason is they not only have great brains, but they also have intelligent bodies. Therefore, to make better robots, we have to change the way we design them. We need robots that are not only intelligent in their head, but from head to toe.
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