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Did I decide this? How social media influences our lives

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Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 6:30 pm
Event 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Thirsty Cambridge, 46 Chesterton Road,
Cambridge CB4 1EN
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In an increasingly technology driven world we spend more time online, impacting our decisions. Join us to investigate how socialbots are influencing our political decisions, how online platforms create change and how data can be used ethically after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. What does our digital footprint say about who we are and the choices we make? Did you decide to this or did your data?

The half-life of human altruism

Dr Sander Van der Linden (Assistant Professor in Social Psychology, Department of Psychology; Director of the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab)
Societal altruism is changing. Increased awareness and use of online social media is providing new ways of inspiring collective action and support for critical societal challenges. What makes some social causes go viral while others never seem to take off? In the era of online social media, network contagion effects allow social causes to reach a large number of interconnected individuals fast, efficiently, and at low cost. Understanding the nature of online altruism and its core behavioural characteristics can help us sustain positive social change.

Did you just say Bot?!?

Dr Zafar Gilani (PhD in Computer Science)
Socialbots exercise a profound but latent impact on our lives, through social campaigning, political manipulation and diversion tactics. In this talk I will talk about my socialbot research and how it led me to uncover some of the most interesting things about socialbots and their influence on social media.

Big Data or Big Brother? The ethics of big data psychometrics

Dr David Stillwell (Lecturer in Big Data Analytics and Quantitative Social Science, Judge Business School; Deputy Director of the Psychometrics Centre)
Many researchers, including myself, have published papers showing that psychological traits like personality and intelligence can be predicted from the digital footprints people leave behind when they use digital services like social media. Should this capability be used in practice, and if so under what conditions? The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal clearly demonstrates that the public is uneasy when they feel their data was misused, but on the other hand the public also likes their data to be used to personalise recommendations and services.

Creative Reactions

Roxana de Rond (Illustrator)
Anna Martin (Cake designer/events organiser )
Dr Jon Heras (3D computer graphics)
As part of the Creative Reactions project, these artists will be presenting their artwork inspired by the research of speakers in this talk series. The artwork will also be on display at our Creative Reactions Exhibition at St Barnabas Church, 24 - 25 May.
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