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Dirty Old Town

Please note this event takes place on the 1st floor and has no step-free access. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The Castle, 34-35 Cowcross St, Farringdon,
London EC1M 6DB
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The days of the 'big stink' and pea soup smog may be thankfully behind us, but it's a still a huge challenge keeping a city of 8 million pollution free. Join us for an inspiring night of advocacy and science as we learn about the dedicated individuals working to keep London's rivers and air as clean and clear as possible.

Pint of Science goodies to be won during the night!

Murky truths are hidden below the water: is the Thames really destined to always be a dirty estuary?

The iconic river Thames has won awards for the most improved urban river. But perhaps locally we have never treated it the respect it deserves. I will explore with you how I came to discover and fall for our amazing river and estuary, and why, despite significant efforts, the Thames still needs our help. I will consider what a difference small changes can make, and how we need to understand any consequences. Can we reverse the impact we have already had if we don't understand the scale of what we have done, and how do we explain this to the communities along its banks?

Truths about burnt toasts and windy days – understanding your own exposure to air pollution

Hardly a day goes by without a headline about air pollution. But despite all the information we receive, it is often difficult to know how this really affects us in our daily lives. My talk will give you some facts, figures and truths about air pollution in London with a focus on how and where polluted air might affect us personally. I will also discuss some of the complexities around air pollution monitoring and modelling. I would then like to ask the audience to give their opinions about everyday choices, and how these may affect how much pollution they breathe in.