Other events in Hull

Diving Beetles and Saving Sea Turtles

This venue has a small step leading into the main building, however the function room is on the ground floor.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 6:30PM
Starts 7:15PM
Ends 9:30PM
Surf, 5 Posterngate,
Hull HU1 2JN
Rounding out our sponsored by the Deep events are a couple of talks taking focusing on the care of a couple of water-friendly beings; Sea Turtles and Diving Beatles.

Sunburst Diving Beetle...Nature's Scuba Diver

Emma Burke (Speaker)
Evolution is an animal arms race with the goal of surviving long enough to pass on your genes. Animals have developed many superpowers that allow them to evade predators and attract mates. However when it comes to the Sunburst Diving Beetle what do we really know? Emma will look into the husbandry work involved in their care and subsequent breeding success.

Saving Sea Turtles

Shoshana Levine (Speaker)
We only get one planet and one chance to look after it and those that live here. Join Shoshana to take a look at conservation in action, assisting the New England Aquarium rescue centre with the rehabilitation of cold stunned sea turtles.