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Doing Your Head In

This venue has step-free access, and limited car parking.
The venue are happy for you to order in your favorite take-away.
Past event - 2018
14 May Doors: 19:00
Talks from 19:30-21:30
North Brewing Company, Unit 6, Taverners Walk Industrial Estate, Sheepscar Grove,
Leeds LS7 1AH
What we eat and how active we are can affect how our brains work. From brain degeneration to appetite control, these speakers will show you some of the links between health, exercise and food.

How insulin in the brain keeps us healthy

Dr. Beatrice Maria Filippi  (University academic fellow)
Brain and organs are always signalling back and forth to ensure you eat enough to keep your blood sugar right. When this system goes out of balance it can cause a metabolic disease such as diabetes. The centre of this signalling mechanism is a small molecule called insulin. However, sometimes the body becomes resistant to insulin causing blood sugar to rise! Consistent overeating is the main cause of insulin resistance both in organs and brain, and brain insulin resistance can ruin the energy balance in the body. This speaker will explore this system and its effect on how your brain works.

Does Regular Physical Activity Improve Appetite Control?

Dr. Mark Hopkins (Lecturer in Nutritional Physiology)
Diet and exercise are popular methods of weight management but their success in promoting long-term reductions in body weight is often questioned. One commonly suggested reason is that dieting and exercise result in ‘compensatory’ increases in hunger and food intake. But what does the scientific evidence say? This talk will explore the physiological factors that influence appetite, and how diet and exercise alter this regulation. Contrary to popular belief, evidence will be presented that suggests regular physical activity is not only good for overall health, but also improves appetite control
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