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(Don't) Break a Leg!

Please note this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2017
17 May Doors 7PM; Event 7:30-9:30PM
The Huntsman, 1 Terrace Walk,
Bath BA1 1LY
Tonight, we're giving you body, body, body -- in the form of muscles and joints! Come join us in our final night of the year as Polly and Richie give us a leg up on the latest of musculoskeletal research. The function room is on the 1st floor; we apologise there is no wheel-chair access.

(I’m) Pickin’ up Good Vibrations

Who likes to trip and fall? Very few of us likely, unless voluntarily free-falling out of a plane or off a cliff? While walking or running is a type of controlled/balanced ‘falling’, when we unexpectedly lose control during such movements, a different story may unravel. Many experience falls, often leading to serious injury, impaired mobility or holding long term implications, particularly as we grow older. Explore with Polly a novel approach of how ‘vibrating inner sole technology’ may help reduce the risk of falls and alleviate the health burden, assisting young and old!​

On Our Knees: Future Musculoskeletal Health Challenges

Ever notice how bones and joints start to ache as we age? What if there was a machine that could help? Musculoskeletal disease affects our muscles, tendons, ligaments, & nerves. It is responsible for the majority of the global healthy burden. However, despite being so common, this issue receives very little media awareness. Come join Richie as he describes major challenges in global musculoskeletal healthcare, focussing on knee arthritis in particular, and gives a techno-glimpse into the research underway to meet these health challenges.