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Dress Code: Science Casual

This venue has step-free access. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10pm
Chorlton Irish Club, 17 High Lane,
Manchester M21 9DJ
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Dust off your gladrags, safety specs and labcoat as Creative Reactions invites you to attend a night of inspiring talks and engaging activities on textiles and materials - Dress Code: Science Casual. Researchers will guide you through the wonderful world of wearable electronics and e-textiles and discuss how insects and animals provide insights into multi-functional smart materials. Entertainment is provided by Luke Chaplin's spectacular science stand-up. And if all that still hasn't Suede you, get hands on with knitting, stitching, crocheting and crafting, microscopes, 3D printers and more!

E-textiles, wearable electronics of the next generation.

Dr Xuqing Liu (Research Fellow)
Wearable electronics as the next generation of conventional textiles, have been an important concept in e-textiles. Conductive fibres are the upstreaming of e-textiles and have witnessed the booming development. Polymer Interface Molecular Engineering (PIME) is to be employed recently, to build up an interfacial layer on polymeric fibre surfaces; this interfacial layer services as a platform to anchor catalysts for Electroless Deposition (ELD). The interfacial layer significantly increases adhesion between polymeric substrates and coating metal layers, to improve the durability of e-textiles.

Luke Chaplin - Stand up comic, sit down scientist

Luke Chaplin (PhD Student)
A scientist by day... and remains one at night. However, for Creative Reactions he will be prodviding a laugh laden lecture with rigorously tested material. Luke aims to prove science is an excellent catalyst for comedy.

The Butterfly Effect: Structural colour in butterfly wings and it's application in smart materials.

Dr Ahu Gumrah Parry (BP-ICAM Kathleen Lonsdale Fellow)
Structural colour in animals has fascinated scientists for centuries: Sir Isaac Newton described iridescence in peacock feathers in his 1704 book Opticks. Today, materials scientists still investigate structural colours and the amazing coloration we see in butterfly wings and beetle shells using the latest equipment. We are inspired by studying the biological world’s intricate structures and their design principles. Through understanding and replicating these naturally evolved patterns engineers can design multi-functional-smart materials such as shape-memory alloys or "invisibility cloaks".

Get Creative!

On the night, we’ll have a collection of artworks by the fantastic Chloe Knights (https://www.chloeknights.com/), Kelly Stanford (https://www.kellystanford.co.uk), Beck Smith (instagram.com/rebecsart) and Tony Pickering (http://pick-art.co.uk/about ). There’ll be time before, during and after the talks to observe and interact with these fantastic pieces of art!

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