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Driving Miss Daisy …...autonomously

4 steps to get to the courtyard. Have a ramp and the staff would be happy to help anyone if needs access.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Pews Bar, 21 Chapel St,
Guildford GU1 3UL
Join us at Pews, grab a pint and settle down to hear from our panel of expert researchers as they take you on a journey from Artificial Intelligence via medicine to the challenges for older drivers. 

Precision medicine or beer and nuts?…Its all down to the individual!

Dr Surinder Soond (Lecturer/Principal Investigator )
‘A pint and bag of scratchings, please!’ are words frequently used by individuals in and around the pubs of the UK in the same way the words ‘precision medicine’ are used in modern medical research. But what exactly is ‘precision medicine’? Why is it important? What does it hope to address? Why not come along to this talk to have a chat about what the answers are to these questions?...or even bring along your own questions for a group discussion.

The human brain and AI - What makes them so different?

Dr Roman Bauer (Lecturer)
AI has become a buzz word in many domains. Indeed, it is commonly used for many applications, such as for helping doctors with medical imaging analysis, virtual assistants or for detecting financial fraud. However, AI is in many ways outperformed by the human brain. This is despite the fact that our brain uses only 20 watts. Here, I will talk about how the brain uses very different principles than current computers. I will also present some of my research that explores how we could take inspiration from the brain to create better, faster and more environmentally friendly computers.

Ready2Drive Survey: Researching Training & Support Needs of Older Drivers

Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos (Senior Lecturer in Transport)
Support for older drivers in the UK has not yet received enough attention from academics, industry, and policy makers, even though we live in an ageing society. The Ready2Drive project focuses on those 60 years old or older who hold a full valid UK driving license and aims to not only identify training needs but develop digital technology to support them to keep driving confidently.

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