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Driving Towards the Digital City

The venue has two steps at the entrance but a ramp can be deployed to enable step-free access.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 6:30 pm
Event 7:00-9:00 pm. No step-free access
Grain & Glass, 75-80 Vyse Street,
Birmingham B18 6HA
Sold Out!
Join us on a journey to discover how the digital age is molding logistics and transportation to deliver the city of the future. You'll find out about the economic and societal effects of these massive undertakings, and have a chance to find out how driverless cars operate.

Self Driving Cars: How they See, How they Drive.

Self driving cars are an exciting innovation driven by improvements in AI and driving technology. How do these cars perceive their surroundings and what goes into building a car capable of navigating through an environment as complex as real world streets? How do they differentiate between pedestrians and road markings? Harish will address these and similar questions using a model car connected to a mini-computer. He will explore how computers can “see” surroundings, and how computer programs can control cars. He will then talk about how AI can be used to “teach” cars how to drive.

Smart urban logistics: invisible but everywhere?

Economic and societal well being is crucially dependent upon efficient and effective supply chain logistics. Despite its criticality, logistics remains a largely invisible profession. In this talk, Edward will explore the hidden world of logistics and set out some of the major challenges facing supply chain professionals. He will focus specifically on how these challenges are being addressed in urban settings, particularly in the context of the emerging "Smart City" paradigm.

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