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Vapes, booze and behaviour: what shapes your e-cigarette use and drinking behaviour?

The gallery space is situated on the 1st-floor and regrettably has no step-free access.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 7pm; talk 7:15pm - 9pm
The Island, Nelson Street,
Bristol BS1 2LE
Join Creative Reactions and the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group for a unique night of vapes, booze, behaviour and art.

Explore up-to 50 artistic interpretations of science from across the University of Bristol and find out whether motives, genetics and knowledge shape your e-cigarette use or drinking behaviour? Talks starts at 7:15 and there will be opportunity to look around the exhibition before and after the talks.

Open to all ages. No alcohol sold on site. 80 tickets available.

Why do people vape and what’s the harm?

Jasmine Khouja (PhD Student)

Recent research indicates that e-cigarettes can help people to quit smoking. However, concerns have been raised about the safety of e-cigarettes and what unintended consequences could arise from using them. In this talk, we will discuss what e-cigarettes are, how they work and what they contain, as well as why people use them. We will also discuss how genetics may influence use. Finally, we will talk about potential health consequences of vaping, including recent findings with results from genetic and epigenetic studies.

Want to know vs. right to know?

Carlos Sillero-Rejon (Research Associate)

Many of us think we are pretty in the know about alcohol, but do you know how many calories or units are in your drink? Do you want to know? In this talk, we will discuss ‘don’t want to know vs right to know’ when it comes to finding out what’s in our alcoholic drinks. Discover what’s in our drinks, the risks of drinking, the current guidelines, and how we can effectively inform drinkers. We will also discuss changing drinking behaviour using choice architecture (manipulating the world around us to discourage drinking) and product labelling.