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Eco-Tech: Sound Farming and Extinction-Predicting Bots

Please be aware that this is not an accessible venue. The event is on the ground floor with one small step at the entrance to the pub with no ramp. The toilets are not accessible.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open 6:30pm
Event 7pm to 9pm
The Eldon House, 6 Lower Clifton Hill,
Bristol BS8 1BT
Sold Out!
Join us to hear from scientists working on innovative solutions for sustainable food production and biodiversity conservation. Learn about aeroponics, a cutting-edge method for growing food efficiently while preserving our environment. Discover how robotics, machine learning, and 3D printing can help predict and prevent species extinction, shaping a brighter future for humanity and our planet.

An Intro to Aeroponics, Growing Food with Sound

Isaac Pritchard (Project Lead - Willow Project, LettUs Grow)
As the world's population continues to grow, we need to find ways to grow fresh, nutritious food more efficiently whilst significantly reducing food miles. We also need to do it in a way that preserves our freshwater supply, our soil quality and our natural environment that we rely on so heavily.

One way to do this is through growing food using aeroponics. This talk will be an introduction to aeroponics. Looking at the pros and cons - and difficulties - of using this technology. We’ll look at what crops people are currently growing and what crops could be grown in the future.

How robots can help us predict the extinction of species

Dr Chris Clements (Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol)
Humans are fundamentally reshaping the world. Our actions are leading to rapidly changing environmental conditions, putting stress on wildlife globally and leading to the extinction of species and collapse of ecosystems. However, we are generally poor at predicting what systems are at risk of collapse. Dr Chris Clements will talk about how we can use robotics, machine learning, 3D printing and laboratory ecosystems to develop tools to better predict at risk populations, and how technology might help us better observe the world around us, and ultimately save biodiversity and humanity.
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