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Past event - 2023
24 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30 to 9.30pm
The Drapers Lounge, 15 Bancroft Rd, Bethnal Green,
London E1 4FZ
Have you ever wondered how robotics could shape our future? How electromagnetic waves can help us with climate monitoring? Come to our Tech me out event on Wednesday 24th May to find out! We have two great talks: Dr Lorenzo Jamone will explore cognitive robotics, i.e. how robots can become more like humans! Dr Saejune Park will discuss a type of electromagnetic wave, terahertz, which have big implications for the future!

Opening the doors of terahertz science to the future

Dr. SaeJune Park (Lecturer (Assistant Professor))
Terahertz science deals with various future technologies such as the next generation of communication, non-destructive inspection, climate change monitoring, and biosensors. We will explore terahertz science from fundamental physics to practical applications. Hop on to this tour to discover the impact that terahertz science can have in the future.

A robotic sense of touch

Dr Lorenzo Jamone (Senior Lecturer in Robotics)
Humans feel touch thanks to receptors in the skin: when it gets into contact with the environment, receptors send signals to the brain, creating the sense of touch. The fingertips have the highest density of receptors. Therefore, touch is useful to explore and manipulate objects. Since robots lack such receptors, soft materials and magnetism are used to create a sense of touch in them. Magnetic particles embedded in soft materials and changes in the magnetic field allow the measurement of its deformation. The talk will cover how robots can recognise and grasp objects and detect slipping.
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