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Environmental imaginaries, story-telling and the politics of changing perspectives

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Past event - 2024
14 May Doors: 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.15pm
Sekforde Arms, 34 Sekforde Street, Clerkenwell,
London EC1R 0HA
How do humans relate to their environments? What stories do we tell ourselves and others? How do we talk about our climate future and our climate past? In these talks, we will travel from our living rooms to the wilderness of Antarctica. Dr Giulia Carabelli will discuss our relationships with houseplants and how these might re-imagine space for change. Dr Joanne Yao will then talk about how imagining Antarctica as a pure wilderness has inspired different types of international cooperation, and how we imagine climate futures as a return to the past.

Houseplants and the possibility of Vegetal Intimacy

Dr Giulia Carabelli (Senior lecturer in social theory)
This talk is about houseplants and their roles in building worlds with us humans. I will introduce a few plant-carers and their green companions from around the world to describe the many ways in which their lives shape new ways to make families, homes, and time. I will discuss the meanings and possibility of vegetal intimacy and love to expand on the political potentials for these domestic human-plant partnerships to shape future encounters outside the home and thus help us re-imagining the future as radically different.

Imaginaries of Antarctica: Ice, Science, and International Cooperation

Dr Joanne Yao (Senior lecturer in international relations)
This talk is about how we imagine cold, distant spaces such as Antarctica. Few people have set foot on the southern-most continent, and yet, images of penguins against the backdrop of blue ice is immediately recognizable. This talk delves into how storytelling - by explorers, diplomats and politicians, and science fiction writers – create imaginaries of Antarctica as an exceptional place frozen in time and how that imaginary shapes the international politics of Antarctica
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