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Exceptional cells

Past event - 2017
15 May 7-9pm (Doors 6pm)
George Street Social, 35 New Inn Hall St,
Oxford OX1 2DH
The immune system poses as both friend and foe for organ transplants - tonight Joanna and Kate will discuss why, and how the latest research is getting the heroes of the immune system to save the day. Plus, Pint of Science pint glasses and tshirts to be won! (Please note: event located on the first floor, only accessible via stairs.)

Exceptional cells - transplant protectors

Joanna Hester (Senior Kidney Research UK Fellow)
Kate Milward (Postgraduate student)
Your organs are failing – transplant may be the only answer. But it’s a high risk procedure: your immune system could recognise the foreign body part and reject it. Right now, powerful immunosuppressive drugs are used to prevent rejection, but they can have serious side effects, like cancer and kidney damage. However, researchers Joanna and Kate are exploring an exciting new idea: regulatory T cell therapy.
This involves taking a patient’s own immune suppressive cells, growing and testing them outside the body, then replanting them after a transplant to regulate the immune system.