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Exciting molecules and proteins packed with potential

The event takes place on one level with the side of the Taproom opened for step-free access. Toilets are not accessible.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7:30 - 9:30pm
Left Handed Giant Taproom, Unit 3 Wadehurst Industrial Park,
Bristol BS2 0JE
Sold Out!
Starting with photochemistry, we will uncover the mystery of the interaction between light and molecules and how this affects the atmosphere we breathe. We all know protein is important for our body, but what if we could build brand new proteins?  Learn about exciting advances in protein design and application as we explore the fascinating world of protein shapes, not shakes!

Photochemistry – shining light on molecules

Dr. Basile Curchod (Associate Professor in Theoretical Chemistry, University of Bristol)
Chemistry is the science of studying the properties and reactions of matter. The vast majority of chemical reactions involve molecules interacting with other molecules. What happens, though, when a molecule interacts instead with light? Light, being a vector of energy, will excite the molecule and trigger many exotic (and often unexpected) chemical reactions! In this talk, I will explain why photochemical reactions challenge our understanding of chemistry and discuss the importance of such processes – focusing particularly on atmospheric chemistry and air pollution.

Exploring the dark matter of the protein world, but this is not a physics talk

Professor Dek Woolfson (Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bristol)
DNA defines the blueprints of all living things, but proteins do pretty much everything else. Proteins are long molecules that form intricate 3D shapes, which are responsible for protein functions. The shape of haemoglobin in red-blood cells allows it to pick up oxygen at the lungs, transport it through arteries, and release it in organs like the brain. After years of research, and helped recently by AI, scientists are starting to understand how protein shapes form. This is allowing them to design completely new proteins with potential applications in biotechnology and medicine.
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