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Exploring unknown universes: from building blocks of your body to marsquakes

All talks will be held in the function room downstairs. There is no step-free access. The Guinea is a short walk from the train station and the city centre. Under 18s welcome!
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 7:00pm
Event 7:30pm to 9:30pm
The Golden Guinea, 19 Guinea St,
Bristol BS1 6SX
Sold Out!
We all know about earthquakes but have you ever thought about marsquakes? Or wondered if we could create life without playing by Nature’s rules? Tonight we will explore newly discovered grounds – from the building blocks of your body to the surface of Mars!

The Dark Matter of Protein Universe

Dr Fabio Pirro (Research Associate)
Fundamental processes of life are mediated by proteins. As the amino acid sequence of a protein controls its three-dimensional arrangement, in the same way the protein structure controls its function. However, Nature has explored only a small fraction of all the possible sequences and structures, the so-called Protein Universe. In this talk, I will introduce some of the milestones of the de novo protein design, where scientists have investigated the unexplored region of this universe to determine new structures and potentially new functions not found in Nature.

Marsquakes! NASA’s InSight mission to Mars

Dr Anna Horleston (Senior Research Associate)
We all know of earthquakes but what of marsquakes? The red planet doesn’t have plate tectonics but it still has marsquakes. How do we know this and why do we care? NASA’s InSight lander – the first dedicated geophysics mission to Mars - has been recording on the surface of Mars for three years and the seismic data is transmitted in near real time. From the quakes observed we have determined the interior structure of the planet. In this talk we’ll discover the secrets of Mars’ evolution, hear the sounds of marsquakes and learn what dust does to a solar-powered spacecraft.

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