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Facing the Future

The National Science and Media Museum is committed to being open and accessible to everyone. There are three accessible parking spaces for blue badge holders at the front
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The National Science and Media Museum, Pictureville,
Bradford BD1 1NQ
In this event we will be looking at the latest developments in artificial intelligence in relation to face recognition

The Science of Faces

Kate Wellham (Immersion Co-ordinator for Live Cinema UK)
Professor Hassan Ugail (Director, Centre for Visual Computing)
In this talk, Professor Ugail – a world leading expert in computer-based face recognition and analysis – will talk about the fascinating world of faces and how modern artificial intelligence is helping to unravel many hidden secrets of the human face – from face recognition to disease prediction from the face. Kate Wellham – who works with immersive events at Live Cinema UK will be facilitating this session